Thursday, 11 October 2012

FINALLY! & Stripes!

HELLOO!! I'm finally back. I've been absent for what feels like a lifetime. My laptop charger totally died, I was wiggling the wire for a while to charge my laptop but it eventually gave up and I had to splurge on a new laptop. I have a macbook pro so went to the apple shop to price up chargers..£65! Outrageous! Fortunately, I'm a mega eBay user so I managed to find a genuine apple charger for £30 from a shop local to Liverpool. So here I am, £30 poorer but happy that I'm back to blogging. Over the past week or two I've managed to do quite a fair bit of nail art so hopefully that should keep me going for a while :)

To the nail art..! I recently purchased a lovely, snug cardy and I thought 'Hey, why not match my nails to my new, lovely, snug cardy?' So thats exactly what I did. I got part of the inspiration (unintentionally, until after I did this and was looking through the blog and realised I must have mentally-noted this awesome mani!) from the Nailasaurus here.
I did two coats of Fortune Teller - George at Asda and added stripes of Damson - Technic and Blue Plum - Barry M (part of the Gellies range, more on these bad boys later!). I also went over some of the Damson stripes with Party Pink - Technic. All topped with a coat of Seche Vite.
And here's a picture of my inspiration!

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  1. Good thing you immediately found a new charger for your laptop! Even though you had to spend 30 pounds, it’s still good, as you did save 35 pounds buying from eBay. Just makes me wonder why your charger suddenly malfunctioned? Well, the good news is that you have a new one to let you blog about your beautiful nails!