Monday, 17 December 2012

Snowflake Nail Art

It's officially christmas! Well, it's the week before so it may as well be. I have all my christmas presents wrapped, the decorations are up. I just technically need to finish uni for the holidays (I actually finished on Friday but I'm going in for an extra week to get a heads up on a report due in Januray).
On to the nails..!

These are my wonderfully festive snowflake nails and I'm exceptionally proud of them. They're so christmassy!!
I created the gradient using Barry M - Blue Plum and Collection 2000 - Cloud Nine. I then did one coat of Del Sol - Ruby Slipper (a gorgeous silver microglitter my sister brought back from her travels, it's so sparkly and shimmery!). I then freehanded the snowflakes using white acrylic paint and a striper brush and added some white 'snow' using a dotting tool. I added some clear rhinestones to the middle of the snowflakes with clear polish and finished the look with two coats of Seche Vite. Et voila!

And I thought I'd show you a picture before I added the snowflakes because I think this is very festive in itself. Reminds me of a starry winters night.

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