Friday, 11 January 2013

MUA Fur Effect Nails: Fluff and Cuddles Review

MUA are an amazingly cheap brand here in the UK. Originally all their products were £1. Absolute bargain! You can still get alot of their basic products for £1 but the rest of the range has gone a little more upmarket. They've recently bought out a new range of Fur-Effect nail felt, usually priced at £3 but are currently only £2 in Superdrug!! I've never tried the felt look before, I was previously against even trying it because I really didn't think I'd like the feel of them. How wrong was I?!
This is Fluff and Cuddles over Max Factor - Intense Plum. 

The tub comes with a built in sifter but I found this didn't let enough of the felt through. What I did was painted my nails with my base colour and rolled my fingers, one by one, into the tub having removed the sifter. This allows full coverage of the felt on my nails. After 30 seconds I blew each nail to remove the excess felt. 
Initially the felt was really noticable and I loved it! But after a while the felt starts to thin out, although it still looks great. Washing my hands didn't really have a negative effect although they took a while to dry out. 
I wore this for 2 days but I'd recommend only wearing it as a one-day mani. A great look for parties though!

Overall, I'm really pleased with this product. It's a steal at £2 and I'll be going back to buy more of the range! Other colours available are:
BooBoo Fluff
Fluffy Bobbin
Fluffy Puff

Fluzzy Fluff

(I absolute LOVE the names!)


  1. these look amazing :)

    1. The fur effects are really awesome! Especially for something a bit different :)