Saturday, 18 August 2012

Horribly flaky nails but I'm going to post anyway!

First things first, you probably shouldn't read this post if you have a phobia of awful nails and cuticles!

I have to apologise for the horrific state of them at the mo. They've been splitting something rotten recently so I had to cut them all down *cue sad face* My thumb and pointing finger are particularly bad.  As this is my first nail post I thought I'd do something simple so decided on a bright skittle and a pastel skittle.

Thumb to pinkie: Jester (George at Asda), Coral (Barry M), Spring Green (Barry M), Shocking pink (Barry M), Cyan Blue (Barry M).

I used three coats of Jester and two of everything else. I wasn't a massive fan of this; I think it was because the Jester and Coral were too similar so I decided to redo the index coral finger with Nail Confusion by George at Asda. I also added Models Own Pink Fizz to my ring finger.

I then used a coat of Rimmel Pro Matte Topcoat and I love the look!
Thumb to Pinkie: Unnamed Lilac, (OPI), Lemon Drop (Rimmel), Shade 5 (MUA), Oyster Pink (Rimmel).

I also did a layer of Rimmel Pro Matte Topcoat over this (did I tell you I love this stuff!) but I'm so impatient and smudged it. Definitely need to work on the waiting part of nail art.

As you can tell by my pictures, my cuticles are in need for some TLC so I sent Mr D (the boyfriend) to get me some Lush's Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter (or the 'Buttery Fluttery Lemony Thingie' as he asked the shop assistant; luckily she understood!). I've read rave reviews about this stuff and I've got to say it smells A-MA-ZING! So hopefully I'll have some soft and less flaky cuticles soon enough :)

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